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An Intelligent Splint The Reel Splint (REEL Research)

In the process of analgesia, the setting of traumatic injuries are important. The setting, in addition, permits the preservation of the vascular and nervous systems. There exist two main types of splints.

The depressed splints, which form and adapt to fit the limb, but lack the rigidity and cannot be set in traction, and -

The rigid splints which perfectly immobilize the limb, but cannot adapt to any deformities.

The company REEL Research brought to the scene a rigid splint with an adjustable length that has the power to, when needed, be put in traction, and change angle at knee-level.

Performance Tight strips of cloth work together with rigid structures, and the pliable splint works to restrain in an overall size of 60x 40 cm. It weighs less than 5 kg. The moveable part, intended to be extended, can be removed. The size of each section can be precisely regulated.

The angle of the knee can be made horizontal or vertical, permitting the perfect adaptability of the harmed limb. Three arcs covered in foam serve to protect “la tigidification” and the manipulation of the splint. Positioning For those who are accustomed to manipulating tough materials, the use of the splint is simple and an instruction course is not necessary. It is able to be put in place by impeded patients. It adapts to all the angles of the leg, thus also to all possible deformations of the knee.

Cleverly made to be put in traction, one uses the idea of a strap around the axis situated at the edge of the splint.

Our Advice This device, tested and approved by the American Armed Forces, with proven stability, is easy to use and overall effective. We recommend it without hesitation to be the equipment used by all first aid personnel.

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