Introducing the REEL TakPak Canvas Bag

Our TakPak was designed with sturdy and dutiful black canvas which allows our users quick access to easily load and unload our REEL product in more than just emergency situations. The pockets were designed to also contain accompanying light weight tools to perform any EMS jobs. Our TakPak was specifically designed to be black to hide possible smudges and cleans up fast with any non-bleaching surface products.  

Our latest TakPak is ideal for our previous products as well and will stand the test of time under duress of considerable weathered conditions.   Store your new or older REEL products in the most reliable and effective place it can be inserted.  Using other bags may increase wear and tear and possible damage to the product.  Just any bag is not the answer. Our TakPak is the answer to your REEL products.  Call us today!   

TakPak Frontal view

This frontal view of our product clearly displays the superior and rugged canvas with the REEL product inserted in the bag to provide you with a realistic perspective. 

The durable handle at the top of the bag was designed to carry more than twice the weight of the REEL product. 

The information on the bag  states the product source with contact information.


Open Bag and Product View


In this open view of the TAKPAK, take note and review the over-sized compartments and see just how easily our product slips inside the new TAKPAK.  

Take a few seconds and insert the best Splint-Traction product into its naturally designed bag for only $49.00.  It also fits our previously released products. 



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