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Annals of Emergency Studies

Original Contribution -  Pre-hospital care; traction devices, pre-hospital

The Reel Splint: Experience with a New Traction Splint Apparatus in the Pre-hospital Setting

A new lower extremity splint apparatus was applied by paramedics to 50 patients in the pre-hospital setting to manage a total of 60 injuries. The Reel Splint(R) was designed to provide stabilization with or without traction to a variety of angulated lower extremity fractures/dislocations. In 37 instances (74%), the splint was judged by the rescuers to be superior to the standard Thomas splint. In this series the splint was used successfully for extrication, to immobilize deformed limbs, and to provide traction for the restoration and maintenance of peripheral circulation, with frequent pain relief. No deleterious functional complexities or manufacturing defects were identified. The Reel Splint is a uniquely useful alternative to currently available splints. [Auerbach PS, Geehr EC, Ryu RKN: The Reel Splint: Experience with a new traction splint apparatus in the prehospital setting. Ann Emerg Med June 1984;13:419-422.].  To read more click here.

San Diego Study

The Reel Splint is a multiple function splinting device that can be utilized in various configurations. Over the last five months I have been using the Reel Splint in a testing phase. The initial perception of the Reel Splint is that of a Hare Traction splint with additional knobs and a hinge on it.

The Reel Splint comes in a package containing the main body of the splint and the optional attachable traction device. The Reel Splint utilizes a dual rail design with a strapping system that hammocks the extremity thereby removing the weight off the dependent extremity and sight of injury. The Reel Splint has articulating joints that allows the splint to immobilize the affected extremity in position found. The Reel Splint also has a additional traction device that connect to the end of the splint to apply traction to midline femur fracture.

After removing the Reel Splint from it’s packaging there were some initial hesitation in regards to what appeared to be a complicated splinting device. Taking a short amount of time to become familiar with the device I began to practice placing the splint on everyone around in the conference room. In the process of practicing with the splint we were able to place the splint on legs in every conceivable position we could come up with short of actually breaking or dislocating a limb. After practicing with the Reel Splint I still had some initial hesitation that it would not work as well in the field as it did in a controlled setting. I took the Reel Splint to work and spent about twenty minutes explaining it to my partner.  It took about two days until we had an opportunity to utilize the Reel Splint. The following are some of the patient situations that the Reel Splint was utilized.   read more.

Coast Guard Study

 Product Name:  REEL SPLINT

 Manufacturer:  REEL Research and Development, Inc.

                         9533 Sunnyside Avenue

                        Ben Lomond, California 95005


Product Description: Fully adjustable, immobilization, pre-extrication splinting device with traction capability.

See enclosure (1)

Evaluation Goals:

Indications: Identify those injuries which would benefit from the use of this device.

Limitations: Identify those conditions for which the use of this device would be contraindicated or would otherwise be of limited usefulness.

Comparisons:  Evaluate the use of this device compared to currently being used by Coast Guard EMT’s.

Training Requirements:  Attempt to determine the minimum training requirement to enable Coast Guard EMT’s to correctly utilize the capabilities of this device.

Coast Guard Environments: Evaluate this equipment as to its suitability for use USCG SAR vehicles and in the marine environment.

EVALUATION TECHNIQUE:  The adult and pediatric models of this device were demonstrated to three EMT classes at this facility and each student was afforded time to practice the various applications of this device under supervision by one or more of the staff members. We attempted to simulate as extrication from our training aids (airplane, boat, and automobile). It is estimated that we now have experience with over 300 applications of this device.  To read more click here. 

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