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Our life saving products were designed to assist our cities, government, military, state and private companies service all over the world.  Our products not only deliver proper functionality and application, they deliver untold value in that our products save time and effort with easy processes or steps.  Check out our application videos and our photo galleries for more details. 

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 REEL Splint Jr. 

Reel Splint Immobilizer





As an EMS professional you're trained to immobilize knee dislocations and lower extremity fractures regardless of how awkward they may look or how difficult it may be. As a significant part of this reality, the knee joint must always be "frozen" in place, because it is either the injury site, or the joint above or below the injury site. Of course this also includes the fixation of injuries prior to extrication where uncontrolled movement can have its most damaging and unpredictable effects. Like many of the things "you're supposed to be doing", it's much easier said than done. In developing the Reel Splint ImmobilizerTM we considered this a major problem to solve. It was finally time to get to work and... create a tool to get the job done!  more....


Reel Splint Hybrid System






This version of the Reel Splint ImmobilizerTM has a unique twist. Two snap ring twist "Quick Disconnect" sleeves are positioned at the bottom or distal end of the splint. These sleeves allow the Reel's exclusive traction ratchet to be inserted into the distal portion of the splint. With the immobilizer component in the straight and neutral position, the ratchet can then be connected; thus creating the world's most highly effective long bone traction splint. In this traction configuration there are two vitally important developments incorporated into the splint's design. more...

Reel Splint Jr. 






Pediatric extremity trauma is as important as your adult patients. Correctly put, management of Pediatric extremities is literally... a growing problem. Growing bones and other structures need precious more protection than our more established adult structures; It is why we now introduce the REEL JUNIOR TACTICAL SYSTEM. Many in the industry are citing JUNIOR as an innovative solution for a variety of injury scenarios, for both Pedi AND adult injuries!.  more...

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