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Pediatric extremity trauma is as important as your adult patients. Correctly put, management of Pediatric extremities is literally... a growing problem. Growing bones and other structures need precious more protection than our more established adult structures; It is why we now introduce the REEL JUNIOR TACTICAL SYSTEM. Many in the industry are citing JUNIOR as an innovative solution for a variety of injury scenarios, for both Pedi AND adult injuries!

JUNIOR employs REEL exclusive hybrid splinting technology, creating a blend of cost effective extremity management capability. Like the Reel adult model, the JUNIOR is extremely well suited for most any Pediatric (and even smaller adult or geriatric patients) lower extremity injuries. JUNIOR is especially effective in the EXTRICATION phase of fracture management, provides unmatched IMMOBILIZATION capability and can be used for TRACTION cases if and/or when required. (Pedi traction cases are rare making single use pediatric traction splints unpopular) 

There's more, more that clearly makes the REEL JUNIOR an exciting and different kind of HYBRID splinting product altogether. JUNIOR has been shown to be quite beneficial in the management of various adult upper extremity, shoulder and foot and ankle injuries. * see SDFD report. Most notability the JUNIOR provides unique or ˜hammock support (elevating undue pressure associated with most other splints), pain relief and was being effective and well suited to Compartment Syndrome diagnosis and subsequent treatment options.

Bottom line, you'd have to look far and wide to find a product more powerful, innovative and useful than REEL JUNIOR.

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