In this section we address how to safely clean and care for all of your product needs with respect to replacements for parts, products and maintenance for your entire REEL product line.  In summary, we strongly recommend that you take the time and provide maintenance for your products every six months to guarantee longer lasting product satisfaction.

Product Replacement

We highly recommend you read the product care area above and ensure your operations and safety department follows instructions with providing the recommended 6 months maintenance program for your product.  If your product requires replacement please click here

Replacement Parts

We highly recommend that you review the product care area above and ensure your operations and safety department follows the recommended instructions.  If your company requires additional replacement parts please click here to obtain additional details. 

Strap Removal

This section explains how to safely remove the straps associated with the Splint Tactical system. Click here to review the step by step procedure. 

Periodic Maintenance

Reel Products Cleaning Procedure

Be certain to check, disinfect and clean your Reel Splint thoroughly after each patient use.

Click Here for Photo View Step by Step cleaning your product 

Recommended cleaning products and procedures are as follows:

  • Use a Non-CORROSIVE germicidal disinfectant cleaner on any and all rubber vinyl surfaces such as "Precise" foam are excellent for cross member pads, hinge gaskets, washers buckles. Precise is also indicated for stainless steel and Aluminum as well. 
  • Stainless Steel and Aluminum can be cleaned with a 70% ALCOHOL and water solution.
  • Sodium Dodecylbenzine Sulfanate and Coconut Diethylthanolamide contained in "MANU KLENZ" or similar products can also be used to wash heavily soiled splint surfaces.
  • Refer to the REEL SPLINT training CD for proper storage configuration.

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