Quotes We have been using the REEL splint products for better than 15 years now and have been nothing but pleased with the flexibility it offers in various patient populations. We have recently added to our cache of equipment, the REEL Splint Junior. It has also proven itself to be much more diverse than the traditional traction splint. Our crews recently had a 7 year old that had been involved in a construction accident where the lower extremities had been run over by a trailer loaded with concrete forms. During treatment and stabilization, one of our medic units attempted the application of traditional traction splint with no success. A second medic unit arrived that had one of the REEL Juniors. Applied with success and improved patient?s condition. Great job REEL!!! Quotes
EMS Captain Christopher Adams
Lynchburg, VA Fire Department & EMS

Quotes ..."I've discovered an articulating splint that's perfect for the immobilization of severely dislocated or fractured bones and joints...the flexible REEL SPLINT IMMOBILIZER...it can be adapted or molded to almost any fracture or dislocation angle. The REEL SPLINT [truly] is the perfect splint for these tasks"... Quotes
A.J Heightman
Editor in Chief, Journal of Emergency Medical Services.

Quotes The REEL product still receives my highest endorsement as an invaluable splinting tool in the pre-hospital arena. I used it successfully several times during hazardous training events as a Ranger physician which is why I endorsed it to the AMEDD Center and School. I am now a staff Emergency Medicine physician here in McKinney. EMS brought me an elderly lady who was only several days out of a right knee replacement. She had been recovering uneventfully at home and was using her walker as instructed but tripped and fell. During the fall, she hyper-flexed that knee, which broke the prosthetic device loose from its insertion and re-opened the entire incision site. The REEL would have completely immobilized that injury safely and comfortably. If this injury had been due to a trauma such as an MVC, the rescuers would have to be concerned about potential vascular injury to the popliteal fossa, which is why completely immobilizing with the REEL is the correct solution for this challenge! Quotes
Jeff Cain
Medical Director of the McKinney SWAT Team

Quotes .."during a four month trial period involving many patient applications with the REEL ADULT and REEL JUNIOR (JR)...I found the REEL's performed better than I expected in various situations. Due to the versatility of the REEL, I was able to splint several injuries that there was really no other effective way to splint. The training needed is relatively simple in an IST or CE setting. The REEL provides a splinting system that allows a patient to be splinted in the position found, relieves pain and prevents further injury from improper splinting..." Quotes
Bill Dodson
Bill Dodson, San Diego Paramedic

Quotes .during our evaluation of the REEL SPLINT we found we could immobilize the following simulated injuries: Radius and Ulna, Elbow, Humerus, Tibia, Fibula, Knee and Femur with or without angulation. We also we could immobilize the Shoulder in various positions. [The REEL] it does not require injuries to be repositioned prior to splinting, and can be applied with little or no part movement. We recommend the REEL Splint be authorized as STANDARD US COAST GUARD EMT Equipment. Quotes
L.R. Harding
Senior Instructor

Quotes "the REEL SPLINT has been included into the EMT-B Full Course, the EMT-B Refesher and the CMAST Program (Combat Medic Advanced Skill Training). [like the REEL ADULT] ...we also love the REEL JUNIOR (JR) and are even more impressed with its possibilities. We train over 500 Hundred Medics a year; with Reel's help we are keeping up with the times. Military Medicine can change daily, however we believe the REEL JR will be around for the long haul, and be a great addition for Army Ambulance Sets." Quotes
SGT. C. Weaver

Quotes .."MEDSTAR, FT WORTH TEXAS, has been using the REEL SPLINT with great success for years. It is a multifunctional device that allows us to minimize the amount of equipment we carry while providing us solid solutions to our splinting needs. Once appropriately trained, the field providers report positive results in all sorts of clinical settings. While it is a bit awkward to use in the beginning, like any other device, the trained care procvider can use the REEL SPLINT to their advantage to gain maximum clinical benefit for their patients. We are happy with the product and would recommend any service looking into splinting needs to take a close look at the REEL SPLINT"... Quotes
John Elder
Clinical Manager, MEDSTAR, FT WORTH TEXAS,